What is Ask.fm? A Parent Guide (Video)

We created a parents guide for the Ask.fm app to help you better understand this new and popular app that kids are using.

What do companies say about this app?

Ask and answer. Find out what people want to know about you! Ask.fm is a global community. We already have more than 90 million members in over 150 countries. We are a community built on core values, on togetherness, trust and mutual respect. – Ask.fm

Ask.fm is a social networking website based in Riga, Latvia, where users can ask other users questions, with the option of anonymity. – Wikipedia

Ask.fm, the troubling secret playground of tweens and teens. Insanely popular with kids, the question-and-answer service thrives on anonymity, making it fun and dangerous. – CNET

Any kid over the age 13 years old can create an account.

From Ask.fm

You must be at least 13 years old to create an account and we also ask that you read our policies to make sure that you understand how to use Ask.fm.

From Times
Moreover, 42% of Ask.fm users are under the age of 17.

What parents should worry about?

  1. Ask.fm is based in Riga, Latvia, which is why U.S. and British authorities often have a long wait to gather data from the site.
    From Chicago Now
  2. It’s very easy to find any user on Ask.fm. Most of the kids are revealing personal information, such as first and last names, age, location, and links to their social webpages.
  3. Kids often have no way of knowing who is bullying or harassing them on the site.
    From Chicago Now
  4. At least 9 teenage suicides were linked to cyber-bullying on social network Ask.fm.
    From BuzzFeed

What do the co-founders of Ask.fm say about cyber-bulling problems?

From DailyMail
We are the ones being bullied: Founders of Ask.fm claim they are easy targets despite website being linked to string of teen suicides.

What can parents do to help their kids to be safe and smart on social media?

  • Ask your kids if they are on this app and if they have friends that are on this app.
  • Have your kids delete this app and use Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Kids can restrict receiving anonymous messages.
  • Parents can view their kid’s profile to monitor the content.
  • Inappropriate questions should be reported and deleted.
  • Explain to your kids that if you threaten someone else you will get caught by the police.

How to restrict receiving anonymous questions?

  1. Open your account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click on Privacy tab.
  4. Check the “Do not allow anonymous questions” field.

How to see your kid’s account?

  1. Create an account. Go Ask.fm or download the Ask.fm app for your electronic device. You need to submit a username and password which will become your login details. You will also need to enter your full name, email address and date of birth. You can also link your Ask.fm account with Facebook, Twitter or Vk.
  2. Find your kid. The service will find all Ask.fm users within your social network friends automatically. Also you can find your kid by typing the name and location in the service search field.

How to delete an Ask.fm account?

  • Click here: Delete Ask.fm account or go to the Ask.fm app on your phone and choose Settings, Profile and click Deactivate account.
  • You need to have an access to your kid’s account to delete it. You have to know login and password to sign in.

What is Ask.fm? A Parents Guide

Parents can report inappropriate content on their child’s Ask.fm profile.

Report the content by clicking the flag next to all posts. You will need to select the reason why the content is inappropriate. Reported post will be checked by the Ask.fm team and it will be deleted, if it breaches company’s terms of use.

Do you have more questions about the Ask.fm social network? Let us know in the comment section below.

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