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Are you an educator who understands the negative effect social media apps can have on your student’s future?

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A three step plan to get kids online safely
A 3 step plan to encourage parents to keep their students safe and smart online
The best social media safety resource
Learn what the hidden best resource is to teach parents how they can protect students
When student should become public on social media
Learn our safety plan to get kids online in a responsible manner
7 top networks that are good for students
Learn the 7 top networks your student should be on to create a positive image for colleges
How to get students to open up (and parents to listen)
Learn our dialog tips that will change the dynamic between students and parents
6 types of posts that can limit a student’s future
Learn what colleges don’t want to see on a student’s social media accounts (this works for employers also)

Join this 30 minute free webinar to learn how to promote digital safety at your school

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“This webinar is a very helpful eye opener on the apps that are popular with my students.” –Irene C
“This is great info, thanks for giving me some ideas on how to start a dialog with my teen!” –Sharon M
“Good info for any parent or educator who wants to learn about the 9 bad apps for teens. Keep up the good work!” –Kristen J
“Thanks for the webinar. Tons of great info that can help me keep my students safe.” –Cindy T

About Josh Ochs

Josh Ochs Social Media Speaker

Josh Ochs is the author of “Light, Bright and Polite” and travels the country teaching social media.

Josh Ochs is the author of the bestselling book “Light, Bright and Polite” and he travels the country teaching 30,000 tweens and teens how to shine online to impress colleges and future employers.

With a background in marketing at Disney and a political run in 2009, Josh is no stranger to the realities of marketing himself in a way to quickly win over others. Josh has been quoted and featured as a source in Forbes, CBS News, KTLA, KFWB radio, is a guest lecturer at USC and UCLA and a frequent personality on radio shows nationwide.

Join this 30 minute free webinar to learn how to promote digital safety at your school

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Our digital safety message teaches parents and students (age 8-18) to use social media as a positive portfolio of accomplishments to shine online.

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