Facebook For Kids – A Parent Guide (Video)

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We created Facebook for kids, a parent’s guide video to help you better understand this new and popular app that kids are using.

Facebook Account Page

Facebook Account Page

What is Facebook?

Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

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Facebook users’ statistics

  • 152 million daily active users in US & Canada.
  • 28% of youth (12 to 17 years old) Facebook users that use it all the time.
  • 300 friends on average teens have on Facebook.
  • 70% of teens are friends with their parents on Facebook.
  • “Inappropriate & polarizing content” is the most common reason for unfriending friends on Facebook.

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Teens are still using Facebook regularly

In October 2013 Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman said teen usage of the social network has decreased.
From ABC News

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One on the main reasons, why teens were switching to other social networks, is that their parents started using Facebook more. Parents are adding their kids to their friend list, following them online and liking & commenting their posts.
From The Guardian

However, the recent Forrester Research surveyed more than 4,500 teens in the U.S. about their social media habits and found that Facebook is by far the most popular among this demographic. 28% of young users who are on Facebook say they use it “all the time.”
From Mashable

Teens share a lot of personal information

  • Real name – 93% (of all teen Facebook users)
  • Many profile photos of themselves – 92%
  • Interests: movies, music, books – 85%
  • Birthdate – 83%
  • School name – 73%
  • City or town where they live – 72%
  • Relationship status – 63%
  • Email address – 54%
  • Videos of themselves – 25%
  • Personal cell phone number – 21%

Teens Facebook pages could play an important role in the college admission process

Kaplan Test Prep survey revealed that more college admissions officers are checking applicants’ digital trails, but most students unconcerned.
The percentages of college admissions officers who say they have Googled an applicant (29%) or visited an applicant’s Facebook or other social networking pages, to learn more about them (31%) have risen, according to their 2013 survey.
From Kaplan Test Prep

Why should parents care how their kids are using Facebook?

  • Anyone can contact your kids on Facebook.
  • Some kids look to their likes and comments to boost their self-esteem.
  • They share a lot of personal information on Facebook.
  • College admissions officers & employers search for applicants Facebook pages.
  • Some posts can lead your kids to get in trouble.

Facebook’s tips for parents

  • It can be tough to keep up with technology. Don’t be afraid to ask your kids to explain it to you.
  • If you’re not already on Facebook, consider joining. That way you’ll understand what it’s all about!
  • Create a Facebook group for your family so you will have a private space to share photos and keep in touch.
  • Teach your teens the online safety basics so they can keep their Facebook timeline (and other online accounts) private and safe.
  • Talk about technology safety just like you talk about safety while driving and playing sports.

From Facebook Safety

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Adding to Close Friends on Facebook

Adding Close Friends on Facebook

What can parents do to protect their kids on Facebook and to keep their images positive?

  • Friend your kids on Facebook.
  • Don’t comment or like their posts.
  • Use their posts to know what’s going on in their life (and talk to them about it in real life).
  • Use privacy settings to keep your kid’s pages private.
  • Sit down with your kids and say “let’s look through your Facebook page.” Ask them questions as they walk you through their photos.
  • Remind your kids to keep each post “Light, Bright and Polite.”

How to get notifications from your kids Facebook updates?(on your iPhone)

1st Download the Facebook app on your phone & open the app.

Get notifications on Facebook

Get notifications on Facebook

2nd Add your kid to the “Close Friend” list:

  1. “Friend” your kid on Facebook (send a “Friend Request” and wait until your kid “Accepts” it).
  2. Go to your kid’s page and click on the Friends(with checkmark) button, just bellow the account picture.
  3. Choose “Edit Friend Lists” & checkmark “Close Friends.”
  4. Now your kid is in your “Close Friends” list.

3rd Set up notifications:

  1. Click “More”(three horizontal lines down bellow) and go to the “Settings” on the Facebook app.
  2. Then go to “Notifications” and “Close Friends Activity”.
  3. Checkmark “Get Notifications.”

Now you will get notifications from Facebook about your child’s activities.

Did you like our Facebook for kids blog post or do you have more questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

Social Media Safety Webinar for Parents 450
Social Media Bootcamp for Parents & Teens 450
Digital Citizenship Conference for Educators 450

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