Footprint Friday: A Tool To Monitor The Online Footprint of Your Student

This tool helps parents monitor their student’s social media presence every Friday in less than 5 minutes.

NEW: We added the capability to monitor a second student!
If you don’t have a second student to monitor, please insert your information (or that of your spouse) in the second section so you can monitor your online image and set a good example for your family.

See what real moms say:
I love Footprint Friday! My son has applied to college and it was great to see what colleges might be seeing. My daughter is a freshman and I love that now we can shape stuff regarding her and talk about why what you put out there is important. I have forwarded it to friends so that they can find out about it also!
Tammy, Monterey, CA

See what CBS 2 LA News says about Footprint Friday:

Each week you get an email with a few links to your kid’s online footprint.

Colleges and employers have time to search for candidates. Our team built this tool to teach parents EXACTLY how colleges and employers will search for their Teens & Tweens (and what they will find).

Here’s A Sample Email With Josh’s Footprint Friday Results:

(Your results will include your student’s name, not Josh’s name)
Footprint Friday Sample Results

This tool lets you easily monitor your kid’s online footprint in less than 5 minutes.

This tool will help you easily find out if your kids are sharing:

Footprint Friday

  • Usernames that might be public (that predators might be able to find)
  • Images that Google might be displaying on your kid’s first page of their results
  • Possible conversations your kid is having about other kids at school
  • Possible conversations that your kid’s friends might be making public (and including your kid’s name)
  • Mistakes that your kids are making in a public forum

See what people say about this service:

Hi Josh,
I LOVE this service. I showed my middle school daughter just how easy it was to see her picture, age, activities and school, address and login info all based on things she has put on the internet. She was able to see a few older men on her Pinterest which freaked her out and she took down her info.
– Kathy

I used these techniques to talk with my kids about using social media to impress colleges. Thanks Josh!
-Christina, Jacksonville, FL

I really like this service. It could easily give my kids a competitive edge for college.
-John, Pasadena, CA

Are you a parent that’s overwhelmed trying to protect your kids from the digital world?

This tool will help you better manage your kid’s online footprint.

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100% Safe For Your Family

Why did we build this? Originally we were going to only use this tool for our team. Then, Josh realized it is so valuable that he should offer it to everyone. If you love it, please help Josh spread the word by forwarding one of our emails to a friend so they can keep their kids safe.

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