How to Create an Online Portfolio for College Admissions

How to Create an Online Portfolio for College Admissions

We asked for experts to share their best tips for students who want to create a successful online portfolio

For students who are preparing for the college admissions process, or their first employment opportunity, it’s beneficial for them to create an online portfolio that they can be proud of. An online portfolio is a great addition to any student’s resume and it creates an opportunity for students to showcase their strengths and values. We asked four experts to share their best tips for students who want to create a successful online portfolio.

Learn which platforms students can utilize for building their online portfolio, which social network can help make their resume more professional, and techniques for sharing their expertise online.

  1. Utilize WordPress portfolio templates
  2. Eric Brantner How to Create an Online Portfolio for College Admissions

    Eric Brantner

    Eric Brantner,, @Eric_Brantner
    The best way students can create an online portfolio or resume is with WordPress. WordPress sites are quick and easy to create. There’s a small learning curve when it comes to editing your site but there are tons of free themes, many specifically for portfolio type sites.

    You can create a free portfolio on, or go with a budget host like iPage or Bluehost to get your own for only a couple bucks a month (I recommend this as it looks more professional).

  3. Upload your resume to Behance
  4. Chelsey Moter How to Create an Online Portfolio for College Admissions

    Chelsey Moter

    Chelsey Moter, seoWorks, @SEOWorks
    One of the easiest and fastest ways to create an online portfolio is through Behance. You just need to create an account and you’re able to upload work almost instantly. It’s also a great place to upload your resume, profile picture and add a short bio so employers can quickly get an idea of who their potential candidate will be. Behance allows you to have everything all in one spot which is the most convenient way to show professors and employers your professional information.

  5. Ensure that your work is easily accessible
  6. Alex Brown How to Create an Online Portfolio for College Admissions

    Alex Brown

    Alex Brown, , @TechRocket
    There are a lot of different ways to get your work out there and there’s going to be even more, depending on your medium. One of the easiest ways to build an online portfolio is to create your own website with something like Squarespace. It’s fast, clean and gives you a professional look for relatively low price, $200. If you’re into game design or app design, it’s always impressive when you can get your work on the front page of an industry professionals site. For example, if you design with Unity, they have a step by step process for getting your game featured on their main page with tons of educational content to help you get there. No matter how you show your work, whether it’s through your website, Vimeo, or Pinterest what’s important is that it’s easily accessible so you’re not trying to explain hundreds of hours of work with only a few sentences. Seeing is believing.

  7. Create a LinkedIn account
  8. Erin Goodnow

    Erin Goodnow

    Erin Goodnow, Going Ivy
    A resume with a college application shows the admissions department that you are prepared for success not only in school but beyond. Follow a simple template to include your class rank and GPA and highlight your awards. (Yes, Perfect Attendance or Miss Congeniality counts.) Write short descriptions for all your school-sponsored, community, and even summer activities. If you spent every summer at yoga camp or visiting grandparents in Greece or the Arkansas Ozarks, put it in! It all helps show the college who you are! Create a LinkedIn account and upload your resume there for a professional-looking and easy link.

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