We provide digital citizenship assemblies and social media safety training to schools, educators and parents.

We show students 8-18 years old how to think about their future and use social media as a positive portfolio of accomplishments to shine online.

Social Media Bootcamp for Parents & Teens 450
Digital Citizenship Conference for Educators 450
Social Media Safety Webinar for Parents 450

Here are our latest digital teen safety tips:

Overcoming Digital Device Addiction

Overcoming Digital Device Addiction

Teach kids how to use digital devices in a healthy way instead of using these tools as a way to “check out” from the daily activities of life. Learn how having face-to-face communication, disconnecting and helping teens find their strengths can help teens overcome digital device addiction.

What is Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship?

Many parents have asked, what is digital citizenship? So we created this guide and short video to walk you through digital citizenship and the steps your student can take to shine online. Learn when your student should become public and how they can become good digital citizens.

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