What is the Periscope app? Social Media Safety Guide

What is the Periscope App?

The Periscope app is owned by Twitter. It allows users to:

    Periscope is a location based app. It’s easy to find out where users live or which school they probably attend.

  1. Watch real time videos from other users from around the world.
  2. Broadcast video live from anywhere using mobile device and internet connection.
  3. Watch other users’ videos and interact with them by sending messages and hearts (which means you like their videos). The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen.
  4. Browse live or recent broadcasts.
  5. Follow users to get notifications each time they broadcast live videos.

Sometimes, kids share on Periscope their school name and/or their plans for the day.

How does the Periscope App work?

Periscope is a mobile app that works on Android, iPhone and some tablets. To create a Periscope account you use your Twitter account or phone number.

It’s easy to find your kids on Periscope if you know their Twitter usernames.

How to find and watch videos on Periscope

  • Follow people from Twitter
  • Find most viewed broadcasters
  • Find broadcasters by location
  • Watch trending videos

Kids use the Periscope app as a chat app. Everyone can send them a message and/or ask a question.

How to easily broadcast your own video on Periscope

To start broadcasting your own video you need to give the Periscope app access to your camera, microphone, and location.

Why should parents worry about kids using Periscope?

    Some teens get in trouble using the Periscope app.

  1. This is a location based app. Sometimes, younger kids share their school name and what they are going to do after they finish recording.
  2. Kids are sharing their names and personal information. This information is available for every registered user.
  3. Kids use the Periscope app as a chat app. Everyone can send them a message and/or ask a question.
  4. It’s easy to find users if you know their Twitter username.
  5. Some teens get in trouble using the Periscope app:
    Two Utah teens were arrested after livestreaming on Periscope how they broke into a truck and stole tubs of ice cream – NBC News
  6. Parent’s say:
    Periscope is ALREADY on its way to becoming a parent’s worst nightmare following numerous reports of sexual harassment and bullying – Daily Mail

What can teachers and parents do to keep students safe online?

    Show your students how the Periscope app can negatively affect their reputation and their future.

  • If your kids use Periscope – have a conversation with them.
  • Show your students how this app can negatively affect their reputation and future if they share inappropriate content.
  • Ask students not share their real names, age, phone or address.
  • Explain to your kids they shouldn’t agree to meet people from the app.
  • Explain to your kids that anyone online can watch their live videos, take screenshots and bully them with the recordings.
  • Tell your students they can always come to you if they have questions or concerns about their online activity or about other online users.
  • Remind your students to be Light, Bright & Polite in real life, as well as online.

What is the Periscope app

We hope our Periscope App parent guide will help you keep your kids safe. Comment below if you have any questions or tell us for which app we should create our next safety guide.

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