How safe is the Phhhoto app?

The Phhhoto app encourages users to share photos/videos with strangers and friends

  • Phhhoto is a camera app that shoots moving pictures that continually loop to make short movies
  • Users can like, comment, share, and follow other users on the Phhhoto app
  • This app is also a photo-sharing community where users can see the best-animated photos picked by other users
  • Users can buy or add special filters to their moving pictures. Special filters are only available for about 24 hours
  • The Phhhoto app encourages users to share photos/videos with strangers and friends, either in public or private using a Phhhoto “party” which is a chatroom-like feature

Teen photo sharing statistics

  • Teens readily post personal information online. 64% post photos or videos of themselves
  • 48% of teens say it is common for inappropriate or explicit photos to get shared with people other than the intended recipient

Sources: Online Safety Site & Statistic Brain

The Phhhoto app in the news

[Phhhoto] has high risks for bullying, sexting, adult content, and meeting strangers. –Safer Kid

Your child might not be doing anything wrong [on Phhhoto], but the people they follow could be–and that’s where it’s almost impossible to track and monitor. –iParent

Why should parents care?

There is no option to make an account private on the Phhhoto app.

  • Students without smartphones or email addresses can get access to the app. Users can use a landline or any number to verify their account if they are on a tablet or wifi-only device
  • There is no option to make an account private, users can only block specific users from seeing their Phhhoto posts
  • If your student joined a “party” and that party has expired, they do not have the ability to delete a photo unless they are the party host
  • Users can screenshot an image that has been posted in a “private party” and can share that on other social networks

What can parents do?

Encourage your student to delete the Phhhoto app and use social networks that can positively impact their Google results.

  • Teach your student to never engage in a conversation with a stranger online or on social media–and to never share personal information or pictures with them
  • Remind your teen to only post photos that they would be proud to show to college admissions and employers
  • Encourage your student to delete the Phhhoto app and use the social media networks in our Green Zone that can positively impact their Google results
  • Read our Instagram Parent App Guide to learn how students can share photos on Instagram (when you’re ready for them to be online) to create a portfolio of positive accomplishments

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  1. Ruth April 12, 2017 at 9:26 pm #

    Wow that’s an awful app – very scary! Thanks for sharing this information :-)

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