What is the Private Photo Calculator% App?

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The Private Photo Calculator% app allows students to hide photos and videos behind a calculator app

What is the Calculator% App?

  • The “Private Photo (Calculator%)” app is designed to help students hide photos and videos behind an innocent looking calculator app
  • This application looks like a calculator but entering a passcode opens a private area
  • All files are securely stored in the app and cannot be viewed in the default iPhone camera roll

Private Photo Calculator% app looks like a regular calculator until a kid types in a 4 digit passcode

How does the Private Photo (Calculator%) app work?

  • Calculator% app’s icon looks similar to other calculator apps. However, in the iTunes store the app logo is slightly different.
  • When you open the app it looks like a regular calculator.
  • To access secret photos you need to type a “.” (period) then a 4 digit passcode, and then a “.” (period) again.
  • The Calculator% app allows you to store photos and videos.
  • Only the person that knows the passcode can access the secret pictures.
  • Calculator app allows you to take pictures using this app or you can select photos to hide from your existing pictures.
  • Pictures can be shared via email.
  • If you buy a full version for $0.99 you unlock more features.

How to find secret app

How to find other secret apps on a phone

  1. Get your student’s phone
  2. Visit the App Store
  3. Type in “secret” or “calculator” (or any other app name)
  4. If it says “open,” your student has this app
  5. If it says “get,” your student doesn’t have this app
  6. The cloud logo means your student used to have the app

Live Demonstration – How the Calculator% App works

As a new secret app gains popularity, we suggest parents to have a dialog with their kids about privacy and sexting

What can parents do to keep their kids safe on Calculator% app?

  1. Consider deleting this app
  2. Remind your kids that everything is public
  3. Have a dialog with your kids about sexting and sending inappropriate photos to others
  4. Explain to your kids that they should be careful with sharing their photos with anyone, as they can be forwarded

Secret apps similar to Calculator app

There are thousands of other secret apps, similar to Calculator%

Private photo Calculator App

We hope our What is Private Photo Calculator% App? videos and blogpost will help you to keep your kids safe. Comment below if you have any questions or tell us for which app we should create our next safety guide.

Social Media Safety Webinar for Parents 450
Social Media Bootcamp for Parents & Teens 450
Digital Citizenship Conference for Educators 450

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