Online safety professional services

Parents: Do you want a professional to help with your student’s online image?

Our team of professionals can work with your family to make sure your student is shining online.

We have three services to select from.

Each service helps you to quickly get up to speed on ways to keep your kids safe on the web.

We save you months of research and give you the latest tips that will help your student shine online for colleges.

Josh’s team works with families to help their students shine online.

Here’s what parents and teens say about Josh’s team:

Why is digital safety so important?

It should come as no surprise that we should be visiting the dentist regularly for a dental checkup.

When we visit, the dentist examines our smile and gives us ideas on how to improve dental health.

Our team is like a dentist for your online footprint.

If we were to look at our own teeth in the mirror, we might think they look great.

But, as an untrained professional, you may only see the surface of teeth (and can’t predict the future health of our teeth based on current behaviors).

However, a dentist can see beyond the surface, determine the health of the interior, gums, and exterior of our teeth.

Also, a dentist can compare us to hundreds of other patients and tell us how we are doing.

We know that it’s important to start seeing a dentist at a very early age.

Digital safety is the same. We must protect our children starting at a younger and younger age.

Digital safety is like a dental check up. We need one every 6 months to be safe.

My team sees beyond the surface to show you different ways to look at your family’s online footprint.

We show you how others might perceive you, how to clean up your online reputation and steps you can take to protect your whole family online.

This program gives parents and students a detailed report from our team to protect your whole family.

This online family safety audit report will show your family how to keep themselves safe online.

More than 50% of colleges search for candidates online (and that number is increasing each year).

Josh OchsRegister here to have Josh’s team start on an online family safety audit for your whole family.

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Money Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee If you purchase this service and feel it doesn’t meet your families digital needs, please reply to any of the emails and let us know. We immediately issue you a full refund. Over 50,000 Teens and Tweens have used our techniques to be safe online. We are confident that you will find this audit to be helpful to your online efforts.

Our social media audit gives your family a plan:

Customized report
A 20 page customized report with your student’s online footprint and 5 key tips your family can use to improve (value $400).
Step by step videos
10 videos that will help your student understand how to fix online issues that will help them compete for future opportunities.
Conversation starters
3 ways to start a dialog with your teen about their future.
Personalized tips for your family
Tips to be safe, smart and shine online.

Introducing our three online safety/branding packages for parents/students:

Strategy Call

College Prep/Social Media Discussion

For: Parents of students age 8-17
This plan gives your family a 30-minute phone call with Josh’s team
By the end of our call you will have a firm understanding of:
What your student wants to be known for when colleges search for them
What your student’s goals are
What success looks like for your student
How to positively brand social media

Social Media Audit

For One Student

For: Parents of students age 8-17
This plan gives your family a customized plan that details the online footprint of one student in your family.
This report includes:
Positive & Negative results
Video training – why you should set up social media accounts for colleges
And more…

College Prep Bootcamp

We set it up and show you how to use it

For: Parents & students 14-17
This plan gives you unprecedented access to Josh’s team of professional online branding experts to get your student ready for colleges to search for them.
You get three social media sessions with Josh’s Team
Implementation session to build the top 7 networks for the student
We help you dialog with your student
You save months of research
Learn how colleges really search so your student can excel

Father and Son Social Media AuditMy son is young, but we just gave him a phone. This report makes sure I know if he’s sharing anything online that could make him unsafe.
-John, Pasadena, CA

Mother and daughter social media auditMy daughter is applying to college next month. This report showed us what her dream school might see. Also, we found posts that might not look good to Sororities (if she decides to rush during her freshman year).
– Jennifer, Denver, Colorado

Mom and 2 daughters social media auditI used these techniques to talk with my daughters about using social media to impress colleges. Thanks Josh!
-Christina, Jacksonville, FL

Mom and 13 year old daughter social media auditMy 13 year old daughter and I looked over this document together and we use it as a plan to improve her online reputation. She already has her favorite colleges selected and this document helped us think about what she posts online.
– Andrea, Provo, Utah

Parents of Middle/High School Students!College Admissions Myths Parent University
Join Josh this Friday at 10AM Pacific to learn “The Top 14 College Admission Myths.” Josh will interview a leading college admission professional in Parent University.
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Our digital safety message teaches parents and students (age 8-18) to use social media as a positive portfolio of accomplishments to shine online.

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