Join College Prep Social Media Bootcamp For Teens and Parents

This teen social media bootcamp gives high school students a jumpstart to shine online before colleges search for them.

This program teaches teens exactly how to set up a portfolio of positive accomplishments so your online results are inline with your college application.

Here’s what our Social Media Bootcamp for teens gives you:

  • Video training sessions from Josh and his team (Value $4,000)
  • College Prep Social Media Checklist: Includes a checklist to make sure your family is completing all of the assignments for each module (Value $50)
  • 12 months of Footprint Friday (Value $59)
  • Dozens of detailed videos that show you exactly how to set up networks.

Module 1 – Design your Online Brand

What do your students want to be known for when colleges google them? We give them examples on how to refine their message and show them where they can be discovered.

  • Learn the 8 networks that Google, Colleges and the Greek system are begging you to be on
  • Learn the 7 ways colleges will search for you online (and exactly what they will find)
  • Start designing your “personal web” that will overcome bad results and help to tell your authentic story
  • Find out how to hide other people’s results from your name
  • Set up a professional username and design a professional email
  • Learn 2 ways to create your own personal site that highlights your skills

Module 2 – Build Your Personal Web

How to set up the top 7 networks and connect them to please google

  • Create a bio and select a branding headshot that helps you stand out.
  • Learn how to start setting up networks that will change your online footprint
  • Find out what works (and doesn’t) on LinkedIn
  • Learn how to optimize Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to make sure they appear on the first two pages of your google results.
  • Review profile photo examples that will help you stand out

Module 3 – Publish to Your Personal Network

How to talk with students about being wise online. We show posting strategies and tactics that impress colleges.

  • Make a connection plan on all networks to improve Google results
  • Create an email signature that grows your network
  • Learn why it’s important to add all email addresses to Facebook and LinkedIn to get discovered
  • Learn the “Light, Bright and Polite” formula for posting and 7 examples you can use on social media to impress colleges and future employers

Module 4 – Fine Tune Your Online Reputation

Take an assessment of where your google results are and where to go from there.

  • Review new search results and make adjustments to your “personal web”
  • Learn advanced Youtube techniques to enhance your image (and shine online in your major)
  • Refine posts and make sure they are appearing in Google results
  • Clean up any networks that have distracting interests

“My student had no online presence before we worked with Josh. Now, our whole family is proud of our daughter’s online reputation and we are ready to send in applications next year.”
-John, Pasadena, CA

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100 Percent Money Back

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you join this group and feel it doesn’t meet your digital needs, please reply to any of the emails and let us know. We immediately cancel your membership and issue you a full refund for that month. Over 30,000 Teens and Tweens have used our techniques to be safe online. We are confident that you will find this group to be helpful to your kids online efforts.

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