What is Finstagram? Social Media Safety Guide

Finstagram is not an app, it’s a fake Instagram account

    Finstagram (Finsta) is student’s fake (or second) Instagram account.

  • Finstagram (Finsta) is a fake (or second) Instagram account.
  • Students, usually girls, get a second Instagram account along with their real Instagrams (Rinstagrams), to post silly pictures or videos.
  • Finstagrams are intimate online spaces intended for an audience of friends, with the number of followers purposely kept in the low double digits.

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Teens hide their imperfections

Finstagram is a private Instagram account that students only let their closest friends follow.

  • “It’s kind of a girly thing,” says a 10 year old Isabel
  • “Finstas are private accounts that you only let your closest friends follow,” 18 year old Amy, (2,700 Instagram followers and about 50 finstagram followers)
  • ” ..kids use it to trick their parents into following them there when in reality they have a second ‘true’ account”

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Teens are hiding their real lives from parents

Finstagram’s pictures aren’t filtered and are almost always bad pictures of the account owner.

  • “Normal Instagram pictures are usually edited to make the people in them look really good, like whitening teeth and getting rid of acne,” – New Jersey high-schooler Arman Julia
  • “Finsta pictures aren’t filtered and are almost always bad pictures of the account owner. They’re just something fun, they’re meant to make people laugh.”

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Teens create second Instagram accounts to make fun of themselves

Teens create second Instagram accounts called Finstagram to make fun of themselves.

  • Sara has a regular Instagram, or “rinsta,” which has over 200 followers.
  • By comparison, only 25 people are privy to her finsta, which includes embarrassing photos of herself.

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What can parents do to?

Could your student’s Finstagram be hurting your families online image? Learn more about our Social Media Audit.

  • Could your student’s Finstagram be hurting your family’s online image? Learn more about our Social Media Audit.
  • Ask your students if they (or their friends) have a second Instagram account.
  • Explain to your kids they should be careful with sharing their photos with anyone, as they can be forwarded.
  • Remind your kids that everything is public. Even if they have a secret account under a fake name, their friends still can take screenshots of pictures and post them online to the public.
  • Have a dialog with your kids about sending inappropriate photos to others.

What is Finstagram

We hope our Finstagram parent guide will help you keep your kids safe. Comment below if you have any questions or tell us for which app we should create our next safety guide.

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