What is the Ogle app? Social Media Safety Guide

What is the Ogle app

Parents and Educators: Learn why the Ogle app is in the SafeSmartSocial RED ZONE

What is the Ogle app

Ogle is an anonymous app that automatically searches your location for nearby schools when downloaded. View and interact with school feeds, engage on any campuses content, share or ask anything anonymously, and customize your posts with stickers.

What can users do on the Ogle app

  • Anonymously post photos, videos, thoughts or questions to any school’s feed
  • Anonymously comment on posts
  • Anonymously group chat and send pictures or messages
  • Vote on posts with an up or down vote

The registration process

Since there is little formal registration on Ogle, bullies and predators can easily masquerade as students.

  • Since there is little formal registration, bullies and predators can easily masquerade as students and friends
  • When users download Ogle it will ask for permission to use location services so it can find nearby schools
  • Users are then shown a list of schools in the area
  • Users can then choose a school’s feed or toggle between multiple school feeds

Why is the Ogle app in the SafeSmartSocial Red Zone

On Ogle anyone can anonymously access your teen’s school feed.

This app is not limited to teens. While the terms and conditions state you must be 17+ years or older to use Ogle, anyone can anonymously access your teen’s school feed. The majority of the content is not appropriate for young students. Bullying and cheating are common on this app. Users will post their classmate’s picture or first and last name, in order to bully them. Users cheat by asking for test or homework answers.

Ogle in the news

Principals [emailed] parents to encourage them to delete the [Ogle] app from their children’s phones. – The Los Angeles Times

  • “Administrators asked principals to email parents to make them aware of potential threats on Ogle and encourage them to delete the app from their children’s phones.”The Los Angeles Times
  • “We highly recommend that parents immediately check their children’s cell phones for [Ogle] and also discuss the dangers of their online social media activity.”Midland Reporter Telegram
  • “The [Ogle] app presents a special challenge to law enforcement, since there is no formal registration or log-in process for users.”CBS
  • “Parents are being warned about [Ogle] a new app that is linked to cyberbullying”KION Channel 5 Salinas, CA

What do students say

  • “[The Ogle] app is offensive and contributes to a culture that lacks compassion or kindness”
  • “This app has made life in my school (for everyone) a living [nightmare]”
  • “I can’t believe how cruel [the Ogle] app is. The developers allow high school students to bully and destroy other students lives and reputations anonymously with no repercussions”
  • “[The Ogle] app is the worst it focuses the hate from every school and there is no way to stop it. Do not download”

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What can parents do

  • If your teen uses Ogle – have a serious conversation with them and ask them to delete the app
  • Remind your teen not to share their real name, age, phone number or address anywhere on the web
  • Tell your students they can always come to you if they have questions or concerns about their online activity or about other online users

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