What is YouNow? Social Media Safety Guide

YouNow marketing says:

Express Yourself: Broadcast to a live audience. Explore and engage with talented content creators. Connect with our vibrant real-time community.

  • Browse trending tags and people
  • Chat with your favorite broadcasters
  • Show the broadcaster some love with gifts
  • Broadcast live and gain fans
  • Stay connected with friends and fans

What is YouNow?

YouNow is a popular broadcasting platform where kids spend hours watching and streaming real-time videos

  1. YouNow is a live broadcasting platform (an app and website at YouNow.com).
  2. On YouNow you can make a live video or watch channels produced by others.
  3. You can watch hundreds of live videos on YouNow without signing in (or registering for an account).
  4. To broadcast live videos on YouNow you need to sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.
  5. You can follow people and get notifications when your favorite broadcasters go live. To find broadcasters search them using keywords (dance, sing, girls, boys, etc.)

YouNow has an age restriction of 13+

YouNow is intended for ages 13+. Users who are older than 13 and have guests on camera who are younger than 13 are subject to having their broadcasts terminated. YouNow Rules

Users decide whether broadcasters should continue their live video using voting panel

YouNow users decide whether broadcasters should continue their live videos with thumbs up and down voting

The voting panel is located under the video and viewers have two options:

  1. Click green thumbs up to keep the broadcaster on for another minute
  2. or red thumbs down, if they want them to stop.

The voting panel shows the number of votes every minute. If the amount of likes exceeds dislikes, you will be given another minute. If not then the current broadcast will be voted off. YouNow Blog

YouNow has “Levels” that represent your status and experience

YouNow gamifies the points system in their app to make it more engaging for kids

Users earn a higher level by:

  • Broadcasting: getting likes and gifts gets you more fans
  • Actively Viewing: liking, chatting, giving gifts and becoming a fan of other users
  • Sharing: promoting broadcasts on Twitter, Facebook, and inviting friends to join YouNow
  • Integrating Social Networks: connecting your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ account

You can gain access to new gifts and will receive coins each time your level increases. Such a smart “gamification” technique makes YouNow very engaging for kids. Teens want to move to a higher level on the app, so they can access more gifts and tools. Therefore, kids spend a lot of time on YouNow and use it every day. YouNow ZenDesk

YouNow has a special form of currency called “coins”

YouNow users can earn coins when they use the app

Coins are a form of currency that allows you to up-vote your favorite broadcaster to get them trending, or to buy them special gifts.

Earn coins by:

  • Broadcasting
  • Active participation – The more time you spend watching, voting and chatting, the more coins you will earn.
  • Promote YouNow by inviting friends to join the app
  • Log in everyday

YouNow ZenDesk

A premium type of YouNow currency called ”bars”

Kids spend real money to get premium virtual gifts on YouNow

Bars are another form of currency on YouNow. You do not earn bars, but you can purchase them. You use bars to purchase premium gifts for your favorite broadcasters. Kids spend real money to get those virtual gifts.

Premium gifts include:

  • Marriage proposal
  • 50x Thumbs-Up
  • Fanmail
  • 50x Thumbs-Up on your own broadcast

YouNow ZenDesk

YouNow rules:

YouNow warns its users that their broadcasters should be fully clothed on camera

  1. No violence and/or self harm, no bullying, harassment or hate speech
  2. Absolutely no nudity or sexually explicit behavior (male and female users under the age of 18 must be fully clothed on camera at all times, female broadcasters must have their chest fully covered)
  3. No on-screen substance use (no drugs or smoking, no alcoholic drinking for users under 21 years old)
  4. No posting of private contact information (E-mail addresses, phone numbers and home addresses)

If you violate YouNow rules, you will get suspended or permanently banned. Also YouNow reserves the right to report highly suspicious and/or criminal activity to local authorities. YouNow Rules

What can teachers and parents do to keep students safe on YouNow?

Kids need to learn that anyone can record their live videos, take screenshots and bully them with YouNow recordings

  1. If your kids use YouNow – have a conversation with them and consider having them delete this app and do not go to the website.
  2. Ask kids to not share their real names, age, phone number or address on YouNow.
  3. Explain to your kids that their videos, pictures, profile images and profile descriptions shouldn’t reveal information that can be used to contact them or locate their home/school address.
  4. Explain to your kids that anyone can record their live videos, take screenshots and bully them with the recordings.
  5. Tell your kids that they can always come to you if they have questions or concerns about their online activity or about other online users.
  6. Teach your kids to be Light, Bright & Polite in real life, as well as online.
  7. What is YouNow

We hope our “What is YouNow” video and blogpost will help you to keep your kids safe. Comment bellow if you have any questions or tell us which app we should create in our next safety guide.

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