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We provide digital citizenship assemblies to schools, educators and parents around the world.

Our unique digital citizenship formula shows students 8-18 years old how to think about their future and to impress colleges by turning social media into a portfolio of accomplishments to shine online. Buy our new book “Light, Bright and Polite,” register for our free Footprint Friday program to learn how colleges will search for your kids, view our 20+ social media app guides or apply for a Social Media Safety Assembly at your school.

Good and Bad Teen Apps Parent Guide
Josh Ochs book signing

Digital Citizenship Book Signing with Josh Ochs at Starbucks in Santa Monica

Special thanks to our friends at Starbucks for supporting the local community and helping to keep families safe online. Event details: What: Josh will be available to sign books and talk about social media best practices with parents of students in Elementary School, Middle School and High Schools in Santa Monica (and the surrounding areas). […]

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What is WhatsGoodly

What is WhatsGoodly? A Social Media Safety Guide

How WhatsGoodly Markets Itself: WhatsGoodly is an anonymous, location-based, social polling application designed for college students. What is WhatsGoodly? Ask girls and/or boys questions that you couldn’t get answered elsewhere. How WhatsGoodly works: WhatsGoodly is a free app Designed for college students It has 17+ age restriction You can join your university group if you […]

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Mobile Tracking Apple Google Facebook Infographic

How Mobile Tracking Helps Companies to Collect Data about Your Kids

How Google, Facebook, and Apple Track Everything About You We all know that it’s important to secure our personal information and social accounts so strangers won’t be able to access it. However, do you know how much information the world’s biggest companies collect about us? Our friends from created an infographic to illustrate how […]

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What is YouNow

What is YouNow? Social Media Safety Guide

YouNow marketing says: Express Yourself: Broadcast to a live audience. Explore and engage with talented content creators. Connect with our vibrant real-time community. Browse trending tags and people Chat with your favorite broadcasters Show the broadcaster some love with gifts Broadcast live and gain fans Stay connected with friends and fans What is YouNow? YouNow […]

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