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We provide digital citizenship assemblies to schools, educators and parents.

Our unique digital citizenship formula shows students 8-18 years old how to think about their future and to impress colleges by turning social media into a portfolio of accomplishments to shine online. Buy our new book “Light, Bright and Polite,” register for our Footprint Friday program to learn how colleges will search for your kids, view our 20+ social media app guides or apply for a Social Media Safety Assembly at your school.

Social Media Safety App Guide
  • College Search Tips & Tricks from 3 Experts

    College Search Tips & Tricks from 3 Experts

    If you’re a parent or educator of a college-bound teen then you understand the importance of making sure your teen has found the right school for them. We reached out to 3 college experts and ...

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Get access to 30+ experts on 8 panel sessions from the Digital Citizenship Conference how to keep your students safe and smart on social media.
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Get access to my top 10 free social media guides & videos you can share with your family, friends and/or teachers.