Light, Bright and Polite for Parents and Teens

This book will teach your students how to be safe and smart on social media.

With this book your family will be able to develop a social media plan to be safe and smart online. This book also teaches teens how to shine online to someday have a positive footprint that will impress colleges and future employers.

Light Bright and Polite Parents Teens

This book provides parents Caroline Knorr with practical tips and tools to teach their kids how to thrive in the digital world.
– Caroline Knorr, Parenting Editor, Common Sense Media

Josh has created Julie Mossler a formula students can use to stand out in positive way.
– Julie Mossler, Head of Global Communications, Waze (A Google app)

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Light, Bright & Polite Maureen Fitzgerald needs to be required reading for middle school parents.”
– Maureen Fitzgerald, Founder of

Josh’s advice is practical. This is a MUST James Ellis read for those applying for college.”
– James Ellis, Dean of the USC Marshall School of Business

Excellent advice Lisa Cochrane for anyone that wants to improve their digital footprint.
– Lisa Cochrane, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Allstate Insurance Corp

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this book:

Chapter One: How social media can hurt your kid's future
If you think that your kids don’t have many followers and they will never get found, consider learning more about Justine Sacco’s careless tweet while boarding a 14-hour plane ride. She went from having less than 200 followers to being the number one trending hashtag on Twitter before her plane ever landed… (Page 17)
Chapter Two: Common social media mistakes made
Find out how a young woman named Lisa gets kicked out of Australia AND China because of some careless messages on her Facebook page. This story isn’t told anywhere else. (Page 29)
Chapter Three: Social media strategies and posts that impress colleges
In this chapter you learn about my race for public office (and how I was able to use my online results to my benefit). We also hear from Microsoft and USC about tips that will help someone to shine online. (Page 49)
Chapter Four: Social media posts and strategies that impress future employers
In this chapter Josh shares a formula for posting to your social media accounts. He shows you how to be positive and grateful in your posts (while still being authentic). Josh also shows examples for group photos employers will like to discover. (Page 73)
Chapter Five: Social networking sites that help you shine online
Learn what networks help you own your search results (and how to connect them together for better performance). Also learn how your own personal website can dominate your search results in a positive way. (Page 89)
Chapter Six: How and when to privatize your image
Not everyone should be public online. This chapter shows you when it’s ok to privatize some online networks (and times when it might look sneaky). Learn why you should search for yourself online each month and what the results might show… (Page 103)
Chapter Seven: How to talk with your kids
In this chapter Josh shares tips you can use to open up a dialog with your students. The goal isn’t to track them, but to help them better understand the dangers that surround these online networks. In this chapter you learn more about what works to avoid, and others to use… (Page 115)
Chapter Eight: How to make a plan together
Do you know how to motivate your student to get them thinking about the future? In this chapter you’ll learn how to make a plan with your kids to get their eyes on college so they can use that plan to be purposeful in their online activities… (Page 125)
Chapter Nine: Case studies from successful students making a difference
Learn from other Teens that are making a positive impact in life and how they are showing that in their online identity. This chapter will give you real life examples you can use as a guide for your students… (Page 135)

Thank you to individuals at these organizations for contributing to this book:

Allstate Common-Sense-Media Disneyland Microsoft Nestle Symantec USC Waze

The message in this book has been delivered to over 30,500 students as Josh Ochs traveled the country presenting his techniques at middle schools and high schools.

This book provides a social media plan that parents, Teens and Tweens can use to impress colleges and future employers.

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