Tips on YouTube for Students Who Want to Build a Positive Online Presence

YouTube for Students Who Want to Build a Positive Online Presence

We asked 4 experts to share their best tips on YouTube for students who want to build a positive online presence

Many educators and college admission officers recommend that students start building their positive online presence while they’re in high school. With parents permission, teens 14 years and older can start to build a positive online presence by creating a YouTube channel. Challenge your students to think about their passions, extracurricular activities, volunteer work or internships and determine what they would like to highlight in their videos. And since YouTube can have a positive impact on Google search results many students are wondering, what are the next steps?

So, we asked 4 experts to share their best YouTube tips students can use to create a positive online presence.

  1. Create a video resume
  2. Ed Brancheau YouTube for students

    Ed Brancheau

    Ed Brancheau, Goozleology Digital Marketing, @Goozleology
    Students should create “video resumes” in which they can dress professionally, list their accomplishments and, most importantly, address problems that could pop up when someone searches their name.

    Additionally, you can continually create new video resumes. Then just link the old video to the new one and “unlist” the old video. Boom. Your new video will show up #1 for your name.

  3. Tell a story and don’t just focus on academics
  4. Jennifer Tang YouTube for students

    Jennifer Tang

    Jennifer Tang, Skillify
    Don’t just focus on academics. Almost every high school student has at least one class video project on Youtube. Even if you got 100% on it, create videos that go beyond academics. Have an awesome internship? Went on a cool extracurricular trip? Participated in a rare opportunity? Create a video about it!

    Tell a story. It’s not about flash effects or how viral your videos become. What you represent is what makes you memorable. Spend your energy finding an interest you can build a story around and create videos for. Draw inspiration from cool things in your everyday life, like school milestones, extracurricular events, conferences, and internships, and give your viewers a slice of what life is like from your lens.

  5. Deliver videos consistently
  6. J Wolfgang Goerlich YouTube for students

    J Wolfgang Goerlich

    J Wolfgang Goerlich, Creative Breakthroughs Inc., @JWGoerlich
    Young people who convey their personality and passion over YouTube have an advantage for internships and apprenticeships. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate that they are media savvy. The trick to success on YouTube for students is consistency and simplicity. It doesn’t need to be a complicated video with fancy edits and a snazzy soundtrack. Keep it simple. And once the idea is down, deliver the videos consistently, weekly or even daily. Students can share what they know and what they are working on. Students should let their personality shine through.

  7. Add value to your outro
  8. Peter Schroeder YouTube for students

    Peter Schroeder

    Peter Schroeder, RenderFX, @RenderFX
    An often overlooked section of YouTube for students is a solid intro and outro. You need to be able to grab your audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds and an intro is a great way to do so. You also want to leave your audience with a good ‘taste in their mouth’ for what they just watched, so end your videos with a solid outro. In your outro, be sure to ask your audience to subscribe. When you ask them, give them a reason why they would want to subscribe by telling them what they will gain by doing so.

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